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You guys friggin' rock. That's all there is to it.
Brian Sain, Founder,

Mark, your support to our organization continues to be nothing short of phenomenal. Your support of and the shooters deep in the sand shows your patriotism and dedication to our country's military. Thank you again. Vaughn Johnson,

Thanks for all of your support throughout the deployment. It is greatly appreciated and the Marines definitely feel better knowing that there are people back home who care about the work they are doing out here. And they are working hard for you, rest assured.
Storm Tactical has been phenomenal. The banners are awesome as well, need I say more about that. The biggest one though are the CD's you provided. They have a wide array of targets and many options to choose from. These CD's will be used on every range we shoot henceforth from zeroing to long range.
1stLt TD T***** USMC, Platoon Cdr 2/5, Scout Sniper Platoon, Afghanistan

Mark, Your support and loyalty to honest business practices is why we use Storm Tactical Data Books for all Trace Armory Group rifle training. Thanks and I wish you continued success.
John Boyette, Owner and Instructor, Trace Armory Group

I use Storm's Modular Data Book for my long-range precision rifles... it is a thick, rugged, three-ring book.. the book is loaded with important useful information and tips on how to engage moving targets, estimating range with your mil-dot reticle, shooting uphill and downhill, and doping wind. I often refer to its many technical reminders. Greg Rodriguez, Rifle Editor, Shooting Times Magazine

Mark, My name is Staff Sergeant Dennis ******. I am the platoon sergeant for 2/9 Scout Sniper Platoon, currently deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan. I am also a school trained Scout Sniper. I want to say thank you for your donation of data books to American Snipers. I emailed American Snipers and told them I was in need of data books, and they sent me some of your data books. The data books are very well made, a great data book for accurate calling and plotting shots for precision weapons. The data book pages are not cluttered, and contain great information and records keeping for the shooting development of any shooter, beginner or advanced. Again I say thank you to you and your company, Storm Tactical, for the donation of the data books, and also for the cd of printable targets.
Respectfully, Ssgt Dennis *****
2/9 Scout Sniper Platoon Sergeant, USMC Scout Sniper

I just wanted to tell you THANK-YOU for the rifle data books that you sent thru American Snipers. All of your support is greatly appreciated. R/S
GySgt Tony ********
1st Battalion 5th Marines, Scout Sniper Platoon Sergeant, Sangin, AFG

These are the best data books on the planet. The unknown distance pages give you three positions of wind. Not just one. The wind is the biggest variable when shooting long range. It's most important to be able to log this for future reference. These books are very complete. Regardless of IPods and PC programs when power goes down, a data book is your life.
Vern Harrison, Central Virginia Tactical

Nice piece of gear. Looks very nice and a functionality is awesome.
Vu Pham, Precision Rifle Match Director, NCPPRC, Sacramento California

Awhile back you spent the better part of your day helping me with a custom elevation chart/reticle hold page for the scope deployed on the U.S. Army M110 SASS. After many hours and 9 emails back and forth you provided a custom, Hi Res, downloadable page for use in our Storm Tactical Data Book. I just wanted to say Thank You! That kind of support coupled with an already outstanding product is why your Data book is number 1 in the field.
Sean B. Florida

Mark, I wanted to thank you for working so well with me in getting the exact databook system that works for me. I used it at my Scoped Rifle Operator Course this past week and it proved to be invaluable to me. It had pages for every drill we did and was extremely beneficial to me. Several of the other LEOs were pretty envious of my databook supplied by you and may be knocking on your door for one soon. Thanks again for creating such a great system.
Joe B, LEO Northeast Ohio

Mark, I hope you will take the time to pass this letter of appreciation on to your colleagues at Storm Tactical. I am a competitive shooter in the state of Texas and I typically shoot at Tiger Valley and Rifles Only. Every time I shoot at those events I see your products on the prize table. Last year at Tiger Valley, I picked up one of your Data Books to give to my best friend who is serving in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. He was delighted to receive the Data Book and commented on what a well thought out and useful product it is. I have been using your books for several years and there really is no other data book that is as well thought out and as complete.
I was on the Sniper's Hide this week and I saw CS Tactical's interview with Mike and also with the good folks over at AmericanSnipers.Org. Wow! You guys are tops in my book! This is why I buy Storm Tactical gear. You guys personify patriotism and what it means to be a "true hero." Well done and all the best to you and your team.
Sincerely, Todd L, Texas

This is a GREAT garrison DOPE book (white paper book), it offers everything from basic info to Cold Bore. A definite want for new snipers, especially for training. One thing really nice are the extra pages for DOPE, more than most books, a definite plus since most snipers work with more than just one weapon. It offers the opportunity to record DOPE for each rifle we operate with.
Nick R****, US Army Sniper (Note: Nick just returned home from a combat tour in Afganistan, where he set the US record of a confirmed kill at 1.3 miles with a Barrett .50 cal).

Mark, Got my Databook and refills today. Thanks again for such a superior product. I loved these for my duty rifle, I just had to have one for my personal weapon as well. An outstanding product! Corey, South Dakota

Mark, Thanks for the help (RnR Sniper Kit with USMC Field Pages). You have a customer for life.
Cheers, George M, San Jose, CA

2 Thumbs up for Mark. Guys he's a good guy to deal with and knows his stuff.
RW, Long Range Shooter, Nevada

I just got my book today. Very cool. Mark was very good to deal with and got the book out to me very quickly. I had alot of stuff I wanted modified and it came out exactly like I wanted. Highly recomended.
CC, Louisana

Got my data books today Mark, They are fantastic! Thanks a ton.
BM, Canada

Thanks Mark got mine today looks great I will break it in first thing Sunday morning
EH, Florida

Got book.... excellent value. Thanks...
Mike, Florida

Just got mine it is great! Mark put it together as per my request super job at a super price. Why buy a off the shelf book whem you can get a custom book for the same or less money. This is the way to go. Thanks.
"Gunny," Iowa

GREAT logbook.
SFC, US Army, Texas

Great log/data book, an even better value. Going to order one for each rifle.
Marty, Wisconsin

Got mine today. This is a good piece of gear. Thanks a lot Mark.

Mark , I like your books . I am prior svc. Marine also . 2nd/23/4th.
Greg, California

Mark, Got the data books today and they look great. Going to take it to the range next weekend. Thanks for the donation commitment as well.
Steve, California

A *great* data book and a stand-up guy.
DJR, California

I just received my second order of data books... I bought some new and older versions, BOTH ARE GREAT!!!
thanks Mark!!!
Steve, Arizona

Finally got to use the books at the range. They are outstanding and had a few people ask about them. Referred them to your web-site.Thanks again.
Steve, California

Mark, I like the book, and the CDROM puts it over the top. Someone finally got it right. That 90LB paper is very nice. These are the best books out there. Clint, Nevada.

Mark, great book, I like it better than the FBI issue ones.
SS, SWAT officer in California

SY, Hawaii

My shooting partner saw mine today (I also work at the local range on the weekends) and now wants one too so I'll be going to your website again this week. He is a former USMC S/S. Thanks for all.
Bill, California

Mark, My son is in the Army’s 1st Cav, stationed in Baghdad, getting the dirty jobs. Every time I see someone else out there trying to help guys like my son it really brings home to me that there are still great people living in our increasingly dysfunctional society. You have my sincerest respect and thanks. I’ll need another data book for one of the guys here at work.
Dave, California

The data books arrived today, and they look great! Thanks again, and I hope to be ordering more from you soon.
Marv, Colorado

Mark, Thank you sooo much for the log books! these are awesome. Much more realistic to what we do. Especially the zero pages!! this will give us a much more accurate way of tracking!!! Again Thank you. This means a lot to my team to be getting quality products!!
David ******, 3rd ACR, US Army Sniper

Mark, I got the "books", really appreciate the donation.
SPC Alex ******, 2nd CAB, US Army

Well I got your package today and all I can honestly say is WOW!!!! No BS this is by far the best data books I have come across. All the appropriate information without the "just for looks" information.
Louis C, Alabama

Mark, I got the books they look great, I like them very much and can't wait to start using them, thanks for making a great product and I will be ordering more in the future as well as letting everybody know what a great data book you have.
Ron, Alabama

Mark, I recieved the book the other day. It is really nice thanks so much for the product. I hope you will be making these for a really long time to come, they are really thought out well. Take care, and thanks again.
Derrick, Colorado

WOW! These books look fantastic! Nice job! And thanks for the flags. Just in time for the Marine Corps Birthday! Right on and Semper Fi!
Jeff, Alaska

The data book and CD arrived today!! I looked through the book and it is AWESOME!!!!!! I really love the additional information you included in the book, outstanding !!!!! I found the instruction on mil dot range reading in the data book and it was KISS easy to understand. I cannot wait to use up this data book and order another!!! I also wanted to tell you I really appreciated the good service and time you took to converse with me about the fullfilment of my lifelong dream. You jarheads really are always faithful.
James R, North Carolina

I can not stop looking at this book! I am very happy that I chose the heavy paper and the polydura covers. This is truly a very high quality product. I really appreciate the "Introduction to Moving Target Engagement" section. The "Uphill / Downhill Shooting" page is great! The explanation page describing minute of angle and milliradian, their differences and their uses was illuminating. I found the "Common Milling Reticles" page very interesting. The "Range Estimation Using The Mildot Reticle" had me getting a tape measure out. I have already printed out the instruction booklet and a full set of targets. Keep up the great work! Yesterday and today have been like Christmas morning for me! I could not be happier!
Semper Fi! Bob T, Virginia.

Mark, I received the books this morning... DAMN! They are great! A few of us are going to go put some rounds down range on Saturday & break in the books!
Kyle C, Texas

Just wanted to let you know that I got the books and like them a lot. Definitely got a return customer and free advertisment up here in Canada.
Mike, Canada

Hi Mark, I just received your Data Book and it's just spot on!!!! I guess I'm the first European using this beauty! :-) I'm in the Armed Forces of Malta and we use the Accuracy International AWP and AWM in .308Win (168gr) and .300 Win Mag (200gr) and the data couldn't be more useful!!! Thanks for a great piece of kit! Well done and keep up the good job. Best Regards,
Chris, Malta

Mark, I have been using one of your 6-ring Rite-in-Rain books w/cover for a few years now for my primary rifle. I shoot at many locations, some being formal square ranges such as Quantico, others being random field locations. About a month ago, I was shooting on a large property wherewe moved quite a bit to engage targets from various distances and positions. Sorting gear upon returning home, I couldn't locate my data book. For the next three weeks I tore the house and truck apart looking for my book containing data on thousands of rounds fired. I walked the property (300 acres) looking for the book and didn't find it. This past Sunday, the guy I shoot with called and said he found the book up on the mountain where we were shooting. It had endured almost 10" of rain over the three weeks, had been run over by a tractor and truck, and had been mowed over with a finish mower. I expected the worst when he came over to deliver it. To my surprise, it was completely intact and just slightly damp inside. All of the data looks just as it did the day I recorded it. Thanks for making a superior product. Had I settled for less, chances are good I'd be starting from scratch.
Take care, Brian

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